THE AGE OF YAOI. That is all. (pinkylemon) wrote in magazine_club,
THE AGE OF YAOI. That is all.

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Hello & question

Hey, just joined because I literally have "magazines everywhere" in my room. I usually buy fashion-focused magazines and also anime magazines. I'm an art student so I'm very interested in photography and clothing, but I guess you don't have to be an artist to have an interest in those things. Right now a particular favorite magazine of mine is Black Book. Speaking of which, I feel stupid, but alas I have become obsessed (as I often do) with a model in the most recent issue--p. 50, "Mihara Yasuhiro does Puma" article, the model being "Farrukh @ Citizen." Now, I've never heard of this particular agency, but is anyone familiar with it or if they have a site that lists their models? I really wanna find more pictures of this guy....x_X....I'm getting a little desperate here...
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