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magazines everywhere

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Noob [02 Jan 2009|08:27pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

I am a total noob when it comes to magazines but recently I went to a book store and I bought this art magazine called "Tokion", this indie music one called "Re:Up", and this rock/alternative one called "AP".
Reading these has made me fallen in love with magazines.
I would really apreciate it if you guys could send me some names of other magazines to check out.

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[03 Nov 2006|07:44am]

what the tell happened to elle girl?

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Hello & question [27 Nov 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey, just joined because I literally have "magazines everywhere" in my room. I usually buy fashion-focused magazines and also anime magazines. I'm an art student so I'm very interested in photography and clothing, but I guess you don't have to be an artist to have an interest in those things. Right now a particular favorite magazine of mine is Black Book. Speaking of which, I feel stupid, but alas I have become obsessed (as I often do) with a model in the most recent issue--p. 50, "Mihara Yasuhiro does Puma" article, the model being "Farrukh @ Citizen." Now, I've never heard of this particular agency, but is anyone familiar with it or if they have a site that lists their models? I really wanna find more pictures of this guy....x_X....I'm getting a little desperate here...

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Brill-iant [08 Jul 2005|11:24am]

Anyone still have back issues of Brill's Content? I'm feeling nostalgic for the best magazine to quickly go out of business ever. I'll pay you and/or get you some free copies of mental_floss in exchange.

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[11 May 2005|10:54am]

hi.. im selling some back issues of The Fader here http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZbettypoisn

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WYWS COVER ART [31 Jan 2005|10:28pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hello complete strangers, I just joined.

Now I could introduce myself, and do all of that fun stuff, but I find those kinds of posts boring so I'll go straight to the point.

I saw this magazine called WYWS (while you were sleeping) the other day, and on the cover it had this picture that I just loved. The problem is I can't seem to find that magazine anymore, and I'm having a hard time finding it online too.

On the cover art was a Picture of a Girl holding a heart against her chest. If anybody knows where I could buy this issue of the magazine, or where I could find the cover art online, I would appreciate it very much. I think it might of been issue number 30, not really sure. I already tried going to the magazines web site, but no luck there.

So if anybody can help me, I'd appreciate it.

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[19 Aug 2004|01:18pm]


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[19 Aug 2004|01:04pm]

[ mood | distressed ]


does anyone have a link to any info? i guess there was a recent article in the ny times?

why is it dead? sure it was pretentious as hell...but what can replace it?

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MAGAZINES FOR SALE [21 Jul 2003|09:12pm]

[ mood | calm ]

back issues of JANE and MAXIM for sale, please comment with what you're looking for and your email address and I will contact you. I have issues from at least the last two years! thanks :)

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[03 Jul 2003|03:52pm]

hi. i guess this community is new but well, i guess i'll start it. =)

i was wondering if any of you that read this will be willing to trade me a nylon, cutie, the face or fruits mag for anything you want. i live in argentina and i can't buy them. so, if interested, please e-mail me to: lalalove@hellokitty.com
thanx in advance.

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